• Small Satellite subsystem processors
  • SpaceWire Routers
  • Appliqué Sensor Interface Modules (ASIM)
  • Power Management and Distribution Subsystems (PMAD)
  • Command and Data Handling Systems (CD&H)
  • Energy Storage Modeuls
  • Solar Array/Shunt Controllers
  • Reconfigurable Processor Nodes
  • Telemetry Modules
  • Deployment Sequencer Electronics (DSE)
  • Power Switching Electronics (PSE)
  • Multiple Inteface Payload Subsystems
  • Rideshare Adapters
  • Embedded Software
  • Mission and Satellite Design Tools (MSDT)

Design Net Engineering (DNET) was acquired by Nightvision in July 2015 and is our principal aerospace engineering design, development, integration, test and maintenance arm. DNET is the industry leader in responsive space and access to space, and at the forefront of implementing the SPACE PLUG AND PLAY (SPA) systems architecture. DNET designs and develops innovative avionics and software solutions, advanced technologies and high quality products & services including: