Among many other projects, DNET was the joint developer of the SAT 100, 200 and 300 Series Spacecraft, demonstrating our ability to team with other small aerospace companies in advancing the 50-250 kg bus segment of the market. 

SAT 300

200kg Bus

100kg Payload

Design Net Sensors, formerly Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems, Inc., is the designer and developer of a number of small, portable, lightweight, ultra-low-power sensors, networks and systems, including the following, several thousand of which were sold and deployed by military and research organizations and are in current use today.


SAT 200

140kg Bus

60kg Payload


SAT 100 

64 kg Bus

36kg Payload

Our principals and associates have extensive experience in a number of intelligence strategic and tactical disciplines:

  • Classified, cloud-based fusion and exploitation programs
  • National-level systems designed to support strategic and tactical customers – the disadvantaged user in the field
  • Tactical systems with Air Force Research Laboratory (“AFRL”) endeavors – transitioning to national intelligence centers
  • Infrastructure modernization within the Intelligence Community
  • Affordable big data solutions for the service cryptologic elements (Army, Navy, Air Force)
  • Software for organizations to discover and stop negligent and malicious insider activity
  • Multi-INT fusion and analysis
  • High-performance, real-time, high-volume data processing
  • Predictive Analytics and real-time information discovery

We have a 20+ year history of providing spaceflight, sensor, and management consulting solutions to the Aerospace, Defense and Intelligence Community. 


DNET, our aerospace engineering subsidiary, has been involved in the systems engineering, design and development of spaceflight sensors, avionics and various power and data control sub-systems for over two decades. DNET's FLIGHT HERITAGE includes: