Doug Hartmann serves as NIGHTVISION’s Advisory Board Chairman and de facto business development rainmaker. His executive experience spans more than 35 years of professional leadership, business operations expertise and engineering oversight at Quantech Intelligence Systems, the KEYW Corporation, Paragon Dynamivs, Scitor, ManTech International, Lockheed Martin, Siemens Automotive and the US Air Force. 

Ted Batch, NIGHTVISION’s COO, is a former Navy Chief with over 30 years of experience working in the classified world and is a highly seasoned and proven corporate executive, project/program(s) manager, and engineer. Ted knows how to lead, maneuver and grow small government contractors in the classified defense and Intel sectors.

Nightvision is governed by a nine member Board of Directors comprised of outstanding individuals drawn from the military, government and commercial sectors. All have a deep and abiding dedication to the defense and security of the United States, and each brings a wealth of experience, contacts and ideas to the strategy and growth of the Company.

In addition, we have a three member Advisory Board consisting of similarly qualified individuals with specific expertise in the products and services on which we focus.

Gerry Murphy is Design Net’s Chief Scientist and Technology Officer. He is an electrical and astrophysics engineer with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of spacecraft bus and payload design, integration, test, and launch support. Gerry founded Design Net Engineering and is intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities of starting and growing a successful small government contractor within the aerospace and defense industry.

NIGHTVISION was founded by Jack Rapport, a business executive who has been active in financing and building defense, intel and commercial businesses for over 40 years . As the Chief Executive Officer of NIGHTVISION he participates in identifying and investigating potential member companies and projects, liaises with investors and external capital market constituents, and provides strategy, direction and leadership to the enterprise as a whole. 


Wayne Boncyk is Design Net's Director of Engineering and Manufacturing. He has over 35 years of experience in the aerospace industry at NASA, Airborne Data Systems, Ball Aerospace, Northrup Grumman, EvryxTechnologies and DNET. He has broad experience in hardware and software development, including writing algorithms, sensors, data collection and management, instruments, power and space control subsystems and NASA Space Shuttle flight operations. He has been widely published and has been awarded over a dozen US and International patents related to image capture and object recognition technology.

​Finally, and most importantly, we have a complement of over 100 engineers, scientists and executive managers as well as subject matter experts in a wide variety ADIC disciplines whom we can call on to meet customer needs and achieve mission objectives. While we try to keep our permanent employee headcount to a minimum, our network of dedicated, and in some cases captive contractors supply us with a flexible and cost effective human capital solution to meet any need.